Dewatering Program

The City of Portland will be revising the Rules and Regulations for Use of the Sewer System with the addition of a Dewatering Program.

A virtual public hearing was held. Please click the link to the right for a copy of the presentation given. A public comment period was also open for several weeks and has since closed. 

For more information or assistance, please contact Benjamin Pearson, PE, Compliance Section Coordinator, Water Resources Division at or 207-874-8843.

Dewatering refers to the removal of water from construction sites to City infrastructure or abutting natural resources. The water can be from groundwater or rainfall and impacts construction activities. Dewatering discharges have the potential to create a public hazard, contribute to sewer overflow events, impact the treatment processes, adversely impact Federal and/or State regulated natural resources, and could result in fines and increased maintenance cost for the City.

The Program is intended to establish guidelines for dewatering discharges to City infrastructure and natural resources. The goal is to monitor discharges in order to prevent the introduction of excessive sediment and pollutants to City infrastructure (e.g., sewer pipes, storm drains, catch basins, ditches) and natural resources (e.g., wetlands, streams, rivers, and bays). 

Residing in the Rules and Regulations for Use of the Sewer System as Chapter 8, the Program formalizes the requirements and provides guidance for what should be included in the Construction Management Plan dewatering section. Additionally, it provides guidance for dewatering for utility work.